Strip Tee twinning challenge – oh no (s)crap!

Strip Tee twinning challenge – oh no (s)crap – You might have been thinking what I mean with that. Let’s give you a little explanation.

Olu from Madeit Patterns challenged some sewingbloggers and their teenage daughters to twin with the newest pattern: the Strip Tee.
“Crap” – that was what my daughter was thinking as I told her she had to sew the shirt by herself. ūüėÄ
The first thing (and last until now) she sewed was a pillowcase 6 years ago. I encouraged her to try it anyway and look what happened:

Strip Tee_06

My 13-year old daughter sewed a shirt al by herself without any experience! Isn’t that awesome?! I think she did a great job!! (Hopefully this doesn’t mean that I have to share my sewingmachine with her…)

“No scrap” as this pattern is perfect to upcycle scrap from fabrics you used before. The insert at the back of the Tee just needs a small strip of it.

You can finish the neck in 2 different ways. Louise took the easy way, I took the neat way.
The shirt can be made with or without strip at the back, what you choose.
The strip Tee ranges from¬†teen¬†size¬†(XXS ‚Äď L) through to¬†adult UK size¬†(6 ‚Äď 20).

And now I’m firing you with pictures. #sorrynotsorry

Strip Tee_08

Strip Tee_03

Strip Tee_10

Strip Tee_01

Strip Tee_05

Strip Tee_04

Strip Tee_09

Strip Tee_00


Hop on to the other sewists to discover what amazing tees they created with their daughters:

Some interesting news for you:
during the Strip Tee Challenge week (5-11 November), there will be 20% off the Strip Tee pattern for adults and 20% off the Strip Tee for teens. No code necessary.

As it’s a little competition, your likes on¬†Instagram¬†are very appreciated.
Thank you!
Pictures of a little patternhack I made will follow soon. Stay tuned! ūüėČ